Fridays Fabulous Five- Volume 4

One- day at the beach is all you need to make your soul feel complete. Well, in my case, this is just not true. I am a beach girl and miss it every day. People ask me all the time if I miss Hawaii. The answer is always the same, I miss the ocean. Monday was forecasted to be over 100 in Sonoma so we did what any sane person would do with a day off. Packed up the car, loaded up Kona girl and headed to the beach. Stinson beach is our go to. The drive there is so pretty and there is a certain spot that we love to hang out. So much so, that we even have gotten to know some of the people who live along the road we park on. Kona is like a small child who can not stay out of the water. She runs in and out over and over, riding the waves like she just knows how to have fun. She really is a surfer dog. It brings Frank and I so much joy to sit and watch her play.

Two- Weeks of Keto and its been good. I can honestly say, I really like it. More than anything, I like the way my brain feels on point. You hear people say your brain is sharp on Keto, it is true. Clearly our brains need fat. The other thing I was not prepared for was the deep sleep. I mean it is so deep that I am up at 4 or 5 a.m. lately. Which is good for getting shit done. So far so good. I will keep you posted on the results July 1st. My favorite go to snack has been a handful of pecans or pork rinds. Favorite meal this summer has been taco bowls, or bunless burgers. If you have not had the courage to try Keto and want to, let me know, I am learning some tips along the way.

Three- girls can either be really good or it can go very sour quickly. In this case, it was fantastic. My cousins visited last weekend and we had so much fun. We picked only one wine event to go to while they were here. As you know, the wine tasting can be a bit overwhelming and it is easy to just drink too much. Then you just feel poopy. We walked the plaza, had ice cream at sweet scoops, (I watched) shopped, The Rose day at Suite D was the event we chose. More than a dozen wineries poured, people dressed up, there was food, music, and just a ton of fun.

Four- Humming bird feeders is what is around my house. I have written a blog about how to attract the cute little feathered friends. You can find it HERE I have to warn you though, it works and they eat a lot! I was up at 5 am filling all of the feeders today. They tend to eat early in the morning and right before dark. As I sit on my patio this morning writing this, they are buzzing around my head. For such little guys, they really crack me up.

Five- Million, Eight Hundred Thousand dollars is all it takes to buy one of the most beautiful homes I have seen on Brokers tours in a long. time. Listed by Kathleen Leonard of Compass Sonoma Valley. This incredible Craftsman home sits on a flat piece of land in Kenwood with panoramic view of some incredible mountains and vineyards. Built in 2013 with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This home has it all. The kitchen with a 13-foot travertine island , wide halls, large bedrooms, wine cellar, luxurious bathrooms, pool, outdoor barbecue and eating area, guest house, incredible barn garage, and is nestled in the vineyards of Sonoma Valley. I mean, what more could a person ask for? I just ask myself, why on earth would you sell this? Feel free to give me a call if you would like to purchase this property….

Fridays Fabulous Five- Volume 3

One- good sushi roll is all it takes to make a persons day. Being a huge fan of good sushi, it was an exciting moment when Sonoma finally got a sushi place that just brightens your day. If you have not tried Shige Sushi in Maxwell village, you are truly missing out on one of Sonoma’s best new places.

Or maybe Three!
Singe Sushi

Two- days in a row of sunshine, yes, summer is here. It is hard to believe that Monday will be almost 100 with 80% humidity. This is just going to be a shock for our systems. I mean, we get the hot days, but humidity? What is happening? My garden is going to love it though!

My Happy Place

Three- olives is what it takes to make a good dirty martini. As many of you may know, Keto has been my friend since June 1st. My sis, Gina and her husband Greg and I all decided to do a 30 day challenge with each other. It is day 6 and to be honest, I am loving it. Even though I have been trying to avoid alcohol altogether, I have had a good martini a couple of times. I am very specific about how I like them. This is how I order, Vodka martini with Kettle One, extra dirty and bruised with 3 olives please. With a smile on my face. Have you ever wondered who came up with these names? Bruised, dirty, stiff drink?

Extra Dirty and bruised, Please!

Four- days is what I really wish I had this weekend. My two cousins are coming into town from Arizona and Texas. I already know, it is going to be so fun having them here. We are planning on going to the Rose’ tasting at Sweet D. I will keep you posted on how it goes. For up to the minute pics, check out my instagram stories HERE

Five- properties, is what I will be showing to some clients in between the cousin visit. I wanted to get this out there because so many times I hear clients say they hate to waste the agents time to have them go with them. So, they either wait for an open house or just pass what could be a good house altogether. People! Showing homes and looking at them is the my favorite of my job. I love taking people, getting their feedback, listening to what they like or do not like, how they would change things up to fit their own lifestyle. This is what we get paid for! Please, WASTE MY TIME!

I mean who doesn’t want to dream?

Kona’s High 5 🐾

Looking for places you can go around Sonoma with your four legged friend?  Sonoma is a very dog friendly town and most business that do not serve food are good with dogs around. It is always smart to ask first.

Here is Kona’s top 10 places for food, fun, and a run.

ONE – Hopmonk Tavern- Very dog friendly.  She loves to sit by the firepit outside and sneak a sip of her Dad’s beer when he is not paying attention. There is always hope, someone could drop a slider!

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TWO- Dutch Brother’s- This place gets her squeeling in the back of the car.  The energy of the people that work there (if you have been you know what I am talking about) just revs her up.  They make this fantastic puppuccino which is basically a tiny cup of whip cream stuffed with dog treats.

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THREE- Cornerstone- is full of shops, tasting rooms, sunset gardens, the test kitchen, and such.  It is a great place to grab a glass of wine at Obsidian, have some lunch, relax, and then go on a nice stroll around the incredible gardens.  Perfect destination for the man who wants to sit with his pooch and sip, and the woman who wants to shop just for a little bit.


FOUR- Lake Sonoma Winery- Located in a bit of a hideaway behind the cooking store Sign of the Bear.  Lake Sonoma is great with its indoor and outdoor seating with some easy drinking wines.  The atmosphere just lures relaxation and the dogs tend to fall right to sleep.


FIVE- Sonoma’s Bike Path- There is not a morning that goes by that Kona does not think she is going to walk this path.  She loves the entire routine.  I have done several instagram stories on her bike path routine.  She carries her own rubber stick, drops it outside the same culverts to smell out what was happening inside, if she is lucky we let her run in one field and she bucks like a bronco. She then has 2 places in different areas that she rolls in the grass in exactly the same spot every time.  Eats the grass in the one same spot every day, sits at every crosswalk, and knows many of the daily walkers.  It really is the highlight of her life.


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Friday’s Fabulous Five- Volume 1

This is designed to be a blog that comes out every Friday, or as many as I am able to manage. Let’s see what volume is reached by the end of the year. Five fabulous things that happened in my life this week.  Ideas always running through my head like a speeding freight train.  Sometimes it is known to wear out the people around me as well as myself.  I am discovering that writing helps get the ideas both rolling and unleashed.  I hope you enjoy this weekly journey into my life as a REALTOR® living in Wine Country.  A journey into the raw version of what my life is like in Sonoma.

One good client is really all you need for a successful real estate transaction.  Often times we weed through a lot of thorns to find the perfect flower.  As I was on a 30 minute drive to a clients house and listening to a podcast on the way, the inspiration hit me, to sit down and write the raw version of what a week looks like living in Sonoma.  I get to my clients home, and to make a long story short, what should have taken an hour or two, took 5 minutes.  They called me, asked me to come and help them, I show up and it is like they have amnesia.  I even texted them before I left to verify the time I would be there. They responded, “can’t wait!”  When I arrived, it was almost like I was driving by and stopped in and interrupted their day.  As I was leaving, 5 minutes later (did I already mention that), I laughed and thought, this will be number one of my fabulous five.  #crazypeople are real. They are friggin’ real.  Did I mention this is a raw version of my life?

Two glasses of a good Rose’ makes for a perfect happy hour.  Last night, after a bat 💩 crazy week, I met a friend at Passaggio Wines happy hour. I am sure you all know the handsome man that I am married to, works there.  We had such a great evening, socializing with local people, tourist, the winemaker, and colleagues. Kona girl, greeting everyone as they came in. These are the moments, that we experience daily and just take for granted.  I really do live in paradise.  Have you ever noticed, when visiting what we think is paradise, the people that live there have no idea how lucky they are.  By the way, yesterday was national lucky penny day.  As I was getting into my car in the back parking lot of Sonoma Market, there were not one, but two shiny pennies heads up, just looking at me from the ground by my car door.  Is it a sign? I brought them home and put them on my lotto tickets.

Three bouquets of flowers from the farmers market.  I was privileged to be able to help out with the wine club release party at Passaggio wines last weekend.  I went to the Friday Farmers market to get flowers.  You would not believe the amount of Flower’s a person can get for $30 there.  We were able to decorate the entire tasting room and the flowers are still beautiful a week later.  Oakhill Farm’s has such a great selection and it is just better when you can support the local people. I literally wait all year for the agrostemma to bloom.  I love the way they look on my table and just whisper in the wind.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 12.52.02 PM
Photo credit

Four days of sunshine. So long overdue… After living in the Pacific Northwest for too long, I require sun. I require tons of sun.  Yes, it is bad for your skin, I use sunscreen daily.  What most people do not know, is that I use hempz brand self tanning moisturizer daily also. You can find it here.  It just makes me feel better.  People always think I bake in the sun, but I don’t.  I do garden a lot, and try to only get a little morning sun.  Vitamin D is vital and feeling it on my face makes me happy.  Recognizing the dangers is not beyond my free spirited brain.  It has finally been nice and sunny in Sonoma.  After months of wet, rainy weather, and everyone complaining constantly, about how depressing it is.  How do you cope with that kind of weather all the time?  I seriously want to know your secrets…

Five months of not buying, or touching a plastic water bottle.  January 1st, 2019, I set a goal of going 30 days without doing just that.  After realizing how easy it could be, I decided to see just how long I could really go.  June 1st will be 5 months.  Can you believe that is possible?  Have I traveled?  Yes.  I bring my hydro flask with me everywhere. I have two of them that I really like.  One is pink and smaller, compliments of Kau coffee co. I actually won it on one of those instagram contest.  I think it holds 20 oz of fluids, the other is teal, aqua, mint, or turquoise, whichever you prefer to call it.  It has a straw in it and holds 32 oz of fluids.  I actually forgot it only a few times and almost picked up a free bottle here and there without thinking, but remembered my goal and put it back.  The cool part about the whole thing is, when I tell people about it, they don’t give me the normal look that I usually get.  You know the look people give you when they think your nuts.  There is still hope for this planet….. and possibly myself.

See you next Friday with another Fabulous Five…..

Sonoma is Sizzling with new Businesses 🔥


It seems like overnight our little sleepy Sonoma is hopping with activity.  If it is any indicator of what is to come, we should all be a bit excited.  Everywhere I drive there is new things to see and experience.  I just discovered last week, Wildflower opened a new boutique on the other side of the Plaza by Sweet Scoops.  It is exciting to see new businesses thriving so much they open another.

We have 2 new hamburger places that have popped up on HWY 12. West burgers and Picazo. What do you think of these so far?  Being a sucker for a great hamburger, I was ecstatic about this.screen-shot-2019-05-01-at-1.55.25-pm.png

There is also a new Shige Sushi  that is getting rave reviews, it will be our date night place for sure.Shige-5388-768x512

Layla has opened as of May 1st at MacArthur place where the old Saddles used to be.  I will be waiting patiently for your feedback on this one.




I discovered Sonoma is possibly getting a Pedal Lounge sometime in the near future.  It will be interesting to see if this one passes through our city council. What is a pedal lounge?  Basically it is a big pedicab that holds about a dozen people.  Here is the one in Healdsburg. They pedal their way through tasting rooms with a guide who is not drinking.  Is Sonoma ready for this?Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.09.11 PM

The little cottages next to 7-11 on Napa St are getting closer to completion.  It seems that things are just buzzing with energy this summer.


Are you a geeky wine fan? Do you like adventure? Are you a romantic?

Have you tried an orange wine?  Is it a wine made from oranges?   I mean, Californian’s can come up with some crazy stuff.  Not to be confused with a yummy Mimosa, Orange wine is actually made from grapes that are meant to make white wine, and is fermented on the skins. It can sit on the skins from just a few hours to months or even a year depending on the winemaker.  Some orange wines can be a bit tannic and sometimes require food to soften them up.j2ahw1wq

Winemaker Cindy Cosco/ Proprietor of Passaggio Wines in Sonoma, CA has taken on the ancient way of making an obscure “orange wine”.  She loves to create unique and different wines and takes on the challenge with so much grace. I had the privilege of helping bottle Passaggio Wines orange wine this month. (if you have ever helped with bottling, you are probably laughing). This fun wine was released in March and poured at the release party on St Pattys day weekend. It paired beautifully with the leek, bacon, and goat cheese pizza made by fig caterers.

Cindy masterfully created a beautiful elegant wine. True to her nature, it is delightful, sassy, and packed with flavor in such a unique way.  Made from Pinot Grigio, fermented for 11 days on the skin, with this beautiful orange color that reminds me of when I was a kid picking salmon berries in Oregon.img_9452

If you are looking for something different, I am positive you will not be disappointed with Passaggio’s Orange Pinot Grigio.


If we live in our living room, dine in our dining room, lay in the bed in our bedroom and bathe in the bathroom, why is it a kitchen and not a cooking room?

The word kitchen can be traced to the Latin verb coquere, meaning “to cook.” From the verb coquere came the later Latin noun coquina, meaning “a kitchen.” With some changes in pronunciation, coquina came into Old English as cycene. This became Middle English kichene and finally modern English kitchen.  It seems to me the word cooking room would be the smart choice.

Kitchen’s are the one room in our house that is the most important.  It is like our statement of who we are. More homes are sold because of a fabulous kitchen than anything else.  If the kitchen is not the perfect design for most buyers, they at least want the space to make it the way they desire.  They have evolved over time to become this grand open space where people can cook, dine, and live. They are the heart and soul of the home.

This Napa Valley retreat is an earthy escape for the large family of a high-profile San Francisco couple
Photo credit- Pinterest

Kitchen trends in 2019 are seeing several big changes.

1- Granite- after 2 decades of popularity, the demand for granite has steadily fallen, and is now considered dated.  Taking its place is quartz, industrial counters, such as mixed metals, and concrete.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 3.13.16 PM

2-White- Always a classic, however people seem to be trending towards more muted shades

3- Matte Black- is the rock star for kitchens in 2019If you are updating your kitchen, you could go with classic white, or consider these white apron sink alternatives in black, brass, copper, and stainless

4- Go Bold- Bright colors in back splashes are making a big splash this year. No pun intended. Spanish and Moroccan style backsplashes are replacing the white subway tiles.Spanish Colonial Kitchen Design _ the kitchen lady enriching homes with style kitchen bath designers

5- Move over Mr Grey- Greens, shades such as hunter or olive are the new Grey or Gray depending on if you prefer UK or US version of the color.  Which do you use?  Look for greens to be popping out and not just for St Patrick’s Day.From country to contemporary, New York penthouse to French château, these are the most inspiring kitchens to grace the pages of Vogue

6- Getting Creative- Mix matched materials are becoming the norm.  Different shades of color, textures, and metals  that blend in a classic subtle way.

7- Stainless steel- is finally fading away.  Hiding appliances in wood tones, sleek creative recessed settings, under the counters, with either neutral or colorful shades depending on the other designs.

8- Deep sinks- such as the old farm house sinks with classic faucets is where it is at this year.  Making something that is new and practical, look vintage.Are you thinking of upgrading your home's most commonly used room but are short on inspiring kitchen remodel ideas_ To get you started on making the right investments to upgrade your kitchen with ease, we're looking at the smartest and mos

9- Concrete- finishes are still gaining in popularity. Acid stained, textured, or clean and simple, super unique designs that blend together in a modern classy way.

10- Last but definitely not least, Smart home kitchens are IN and rapidly advancing in digital technology.  Of coarse it would not be the 21st century if we did not see this happening.  It is just a matter of time before we can voice activate everything in our home. Not just Alexa and Siri.Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.37.01 PM.png