Rose’ Colored Glasses



Rose’ bubbly felt appropriate for our comparative tasting  in February.  We are a small group of what we call Bubbleheads, and we get together every few months to compare.  It is a tough job but someone has to do these things.  This was the line up. Veuve Clicquot , Billecart Salmon, 02 Dom Ruinart, Laurent Perrier, several vintages of Schramsberg, Domain Carneros, DVX, and Gloria Ferrer.   After some discussion, it went like this.  Champagne was one category,  Schramsberg had it’s own category(we had so many), the rest of the California Sparkling was in a separate category.


Who would have thought Rose’ Champagne and Sparkling could have so many amazing flavors.  Deciding your favorite could change by the minute as the bubbles warmed up a little and you had a bite or two of some amazing snacks.  We had a plethora of foods to choose from.  I was a little surprised after tasting and drinking my way through the foods and bubbles.  You go into these things thinking you already know what you like and you leave with a smile because life has once again thrown you a curve ball.

Usually when we all compare we have similar findings.  Not this time.  The Rose’ bubbly seems to be where most Champagne lovers will differ.  There was no clear winner this night.  I had my own opinion and since this is my blog you will get the biased opinion of an amateur.

My number 1 Champagne was Billecart Salmon Brut Rose’.  It was good from the beginning and just got better with time and food.  My favorite snack was a surprise for me.  I would have thought it would have been the strawberries stuffed with Laura Chenel Chevre, basil, and a reduced balsamic drizzled on top. (Mainly because I made them) No No No.  I was thrown off once again.  These tasty little pretzel sticks were wrapped with prosciutto and this creamy champagne mustard was hand crafted to dip them in.  There was something so yummy about the blend of the salty, smokey, crunchy, creamy, sweet morsel and washing it down with this crisp cold bubbly with a subtle hint of berries.



Many of you may think the the runner up would be another yummy Champagne, however it was clear from the first sip, there was one California that was in a league of its own.  I wish I had saved my Billy to compare to it.  The 01 Schramsberg was just delightful (My husbands words).  I actually think had we put it next to the Champs it would have given them a run for their money.  I am not sure if it is because of its age, but this beauty paired well with one of my favorites, Barely Buzzed aged Cheddar wrapped with ground espresso.


Like I said, it is a tough life, but you only get one. Now put on your Rose’ colored glasses and go live!

Cheers for now


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