Living on Plastic Islands 🌴

I saw a post this year on Instagram stories that really bothered me to the point that I felt the need to write about it.

As a result of this photo

I set a personal goal of not touching or purchasing a plastic water bottle as long as possible in 2019.  So far the entire month of January has gone by and now into February.  Who knows, maybe I can make it an entire year!

Last year I started paying attention to how much plastic we touch a day, it is virtually impossible to go a day without touching something plastic.  It made me ponder what I could do to make a difference.  I thought, I can only do my part, so I started with a few things.

1- Baloons, yes, you heard me.  Real Estate agents use balloons all the time on their open house signs.  I decided to do something different.  I made these sticks and they work great.  Bonus, they are so much easier to handle and do not end up in the mountains along the rest of the rubbish. Here is an interesting read about this.

2- Plastic water bottles- we all use them, we have become dependent on them.  I bought this Hydroflask and make it a point to never leave the house without it.  Yes, I have to think ahead of time and such, but now that I have done it for over a month. It is just as much of a habit as leaving the house with my shoes on.

The wine glass may be empty but the flask is always full.

3. We use this Keurig with a filter that is reusable.  I love coffee actually more than Champagne.  We buy the espresso beans, generally from Starbucks, I would prefer Kona coffee from here.  We grind the beans fairly fine, put them in the filter that we can reuse over and over.

This espresso is from Cochon Tasting Bar

I would like to challenge you all to join me in a goal to do one thing in your life that can make a difference.  No matter how little it may be, it all will make a difference and eventually maybe our kids kids will see the change.

Or maybe they will be living on islands 🌴 made of plastic. Like this one…

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