Sonoma is Sizzling with new Businesses 🔥


It seems like overnight our little sleepy Sonoma is hopping with activity.  If it is any indicator of what is to come, we should all be a bit excited.  Everywhere I drive there is new things to see and experience.  I just discovered last week, Wildflower opened a new boutique on the other side of the Plaza by Sweet Scoops.  It is exciting to see new businesses thriving so much they open another.

We have 2 new hamburger places that have popped up on HWY 12. West burgers and Picazo. What do you think of these so far?  Being a sucker for a great hamburger, I was ecstatic about this.screen-shot-2019-05-01-at-1.55.25-pm.png

There is also a new Shige Sushi  that is getting rave reviews, it will be our date night place for sure.Shige-5388-768x512

Layla has opened as of May 1st at MacArthur place where the old Saddles used to be.  I will be waiting patiently for your feedback on this one.




I discovered Sonoma is possibly getting a Pedal Lounge sometime in the near future.  It will be interesting to see if this one passes through our city council. What is a pedal lounge?  Basically it is a big pedicab that holds about a dozen people.  Here is the one in Healdsburg. They pedal their way through tasting rooms with a guide who is not drinking.  Is Sonoma ready for this?Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.09.11 PM

The little cottages next to 7-11 on Napa St are getting closer to completion.  It seems that things are just buzzing with energy this summer.

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