Friday’s Fabulous Five- Volume 1

This is designed to be a blog that comes out every Friday, or as many as I am able to manage. Let’s see what volume is reached by the end of the year. Five fabulous things that happened in my life this week.  Ideas always running through my head like a speeding freight train.  Sometimes it is known to wear out the people around me as well as myself.  I am discovering that writing helps get the ideas both rolling and unleashed.  I hope you enjoy this weekly journey into my life as a REALTOR® living in Wine Country.  A journey into the raw version of what my life is like in Sonoma.

One good client is really all you need for a successful real estate transaction.  Often times we weed through a lot of thorns to find the perfect flower.  As I was on a 30 minute drive to a clients house and listening to a podcast on the way, the inspiration hit me, to sit down and write the raw version of what a week looks like living in Sonoma.  I get to my clients home, and to make a long story short, what should have taken an hour or two, took 5 minutes.  They called me, asked me to come and help them, I show up and it is like they have amnesia.  I even texted them before I left to verify the time I would be there. They responded, “can’t wait!”  When I arrived, it was almost like I was driving by and stopped in and interrupted their day.  As I was leaving, 5 minutes later (did I already mention that), I laughed and thought, this will be number one of my fabulous five.  #crazypeople are real. They are friggin’ real.  Did I mention this is a raw version of my life?

Two glasses of a good Rose’ makes for a perfect happy hour.  Last night, after a bat 💩 crazy week, I met a friend at Passaggio Wines happy hour. I am sure you all know the handsome man that I am married to, works there.  We had such a great evening, socializing with local people, tourist, the winemaker, and colleagues. Kona girl, greeting everyone as they came in. These are the moments, that we experience daily and just take for granted.  I really do live in paradise.  Have you ever noticed, when visiting what we think is paradise, the people that live there have no idea how lucky they are.  By the way, yesterday was national lucky penny day.  As I was getting into my car in the back parking lot of Sonoma Market, there were not one, but two shiny pennies heads up, just looking at me from the ground by my car door.  Is it a sign? I brought them home and put them on my lotto tickets.

Three bouquets of flowers from the farmers market.  I was privileged to be able to help out with the wine club release party at Passaggio wines last weekend.  I went to the Friday Farmers market to get flowers.  You would not believe the amount of Flower’s a person can get for $30 there.  We were able to decorate the entire tasting room and the flowers are still beautiful a week later.  Oakhill Farm’s has such a great selection and it is just better when you can support the local people. I literally wait all year for the agrostemma to bloom.  I love the way they look on my table and just whisper in the wind.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 12.52.02 PM
Photo credit http://www.baremtnfarm.com/

Four days of sunshine. So long overdue… After living in the Pacific Northwest for too long, I require sun. I require tons of sun.  Yes, it is bad for your skin, I use sunscreen daily.  What most people do not know, is that I use hempz brand self tanning moisturizer daily also. You can find it here.  It just makes me feel better.  People always think I bake in the sun, but I don’t.  I do garden a lot, and try to only get a little morning sun.  Vitamin D is vital and feeling it on my face makes me happy.  Recognizing the dangers is not beyond my free spirited brain.  It has finally been nice and sunny in Sonoma.  After months of wet, rainy weather, and everyone complaining constantly, about how depressing it is.  How do you cope with that kind of weather all the time?  I seriously want to know your secrets…

Five months of not buying, or touching a plastic water bottle.  January 1st, 2019, I set a goal of going 30 days without doing just that.  After realizing how easy it could be, I decided to see just how long I could really go.  June 1st will be 5 months.  Can you believe that is possible?  Have I traveled?  Yes.  I bring my hydro flask with me everywhere. I have two of them that I really like.  One is pink and smaller, compliments of Kau coffee co. I actually won it on one of those instagram contest.  I think it holds 20 oz of fluids, the other is teal, aqua, mint, or turquoise, whichever you prefer to call it.  It has a straw in it and holds 32 oz of fluids.  I actually forgot it only a few times and almost picked up a free bottle here and there without thinking, but remembered my goal and put it back.  The cool part about the whole thing is, when I tell people about it, they don’t give me the normal look that I usually get.  You know the look people give you when they think your nuts.  There is still hope for this planet….. and possibly myself.

See you next Friday with another Fabulous Five…..

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