Kona’s High 5 🐾

Looking for places you can go around Sonoma with your four legged friend?  Sonoma is a very dog friendly town and most business that do not serve food are good with dogs around. It is always smart to ask first.

Here is Kona’s top 10 places for food, fun, and a run.

ONE – Hopmonk Tavern- Very dog friendly.  She loves to sit by the firepit outside and sneak a sip of her Dad’s beer when he is not paying attention. There is always hope, someone could drop a slider!

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TWO- Dutch Brother’s- This place gets her squeeling in the back of the car.  The energy of the people that work there (if you have been you know what I am talking about) just revs her up.  They make this fantastic puppuccino which is basically a tiny cup of whip cream stuffed with dog treats.

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THREE- Cornerstone- is full of shops, tasting rooms, sunset gardens, the test kitchen, and such.  It is a great place to grab a glass of wine at Obsidian, have some lunch, relax, and then go on a nice stroll around the incredible gardens.  Perfect destination for the man who wants to sit with his pooch and sip, and the woman who wants to shop just for a little bit.


FOUR- Lake Sonoma Winery- Located in a bit of a hideaway behind the cooking store Sign of the Bear.  Lake Sonoma is great with its indoor and outdoor seating with some easy drinking wines.  The atmosphere just lures relaxation and the dogs tend to fall right to sleep.


FIVE- Sonoma’s Bike Path- There is not a morning that goes by that Kona does not think she is going to walk this path.  She loves the entire routine.  I have done several instagram stories on her bike path routine.  She carries her own rubber stick, drops it outside the same culverts to smell out what was happening inside, if she is lucky we let her run in one field and she bucks like a bronco. She then has 2 places in different areas that she rolls in the grass in exactly the same spot every time.  Eats the grass in the one same spot every day, sits at every crosswalk, and knows many of the daily walkers.  It really is the highlight of her life.


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