Bubbles and Holes


You are on a mission, headed in the right direction, right on track, feeling pretty good about how smart your are, you actually are just sitting down to a yummy, shiny, slightly golden, glass of bubbles to contemplate how perfect life is, and then there it is, the hole you did not see.  You know, the one your sweet faced puppy dug for you while you were not looking.  One minute your are looking at the stars in your glass the next moment you are looking at the stars in the sky.  This is when that sweet faced puppy takes advantage of the opportunity to lick your pain filled face like crazy, because you are in her world now.

You never even drink the Champagne, the pain is so great you try to sleep and think you should have.


When I started this blog, I thought I would research great Champagne/Sparkling Wine and Food pairings, test them and then blog about them. It seems there is not a lot out there about Bubbles and bites. So far my research has left me no where and I just keep falling in these amazing holes that come out of no where.

This is what happened when I visited the Fig Cafe’ in Glen Ellen, California. Since there is no corkage at the Fig Cafe, we arrived with one of our favorite reds from Muscardini Cellars. Curious about the new transformation,  owner Sandra Bernstein had been working on with so much excitement and steam that she never seems to run out of.

Speaking of steam, the steamed mussels were screaming at me from the menu, I promptly listened to my instinct.  After one amazing bite of yummyness, it was clear what was missing.  Bubbles.  I quickly ordered a glass of Roederer Estate Brut, once again I felt like I was looking at the stars.  Only this time there was no pain.   These mussels were cooked in this amazing sauce that is slightly tomatoey, white wine broth, spanish chorizo, and served in a heaping bowl with grilled bread on the side.  I would take that perfect bite with a creamy mussel, tomato morsel, chorizo chunk and that sofrito broth, sweet, spicy, light, heavy, take a drink of those amazing pallet cleansing bubbles, and cherish the heaven going on in my mouth.  Now why have I not read about tomato based mussels pairing with brut bubs?  Sweet, spicy, chewy, creamy, crunchy, saucy, hot bubbles, cold bubbles, all being carried over every taste bud with the mouse of the sparkling wine with such delicate and bold flavors.  HEAVENLY HOLES


Finally, a nice accident.  If I am going to have to go through puppy parenthood, falling in holes, I do hope I learn about the lessons that come with it.  My lesson in life continually comes back to the same place.  Letting life take you where it wants to and not trying to control everything that comes your way.  It seems silly when you think about it that you could be mid life and just starting to learn a whole new career based on your passion and not on a paycheck, while at the same time starting parenthood again, only this time with a four legged friend.



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