Sage is the New Rage…..

As a REALTOR®, when you walk into a variety of homes to show them, you feel a lot of different energy.  I often say that you can feel the JUJU when you walk in the door…. Some homes you walk into and just cant wait to get out of them.  Some homes you never want to leave.  You can just feel the positive and negative vibes permeating.

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited to some friends who had just received the keys to their newly purchased home.  They had about a dozen people over to their empty house, had snacks on a pop up table, champagne and thank you cards. Some of the friends who attended, brought their “home cleansing” kit. They brought sage and some type of wood kit used for what is called smudging a home.

It was such a great experience, I felt I needed to explore the process more.  Here is what I discovered.

“Smudging” a home is an old time Native American tradition used in ancient Rome Greece, and ancient Egypt to get rid of bad energy or spirits left behind. Special herbs and different woods are used for the process.  Sage (typically white), Rosemary, Lavender, cedar, sweet grasses are some of the few. I found a ton of different instructions on Pinterest explaining how to make your own kit. You can also buy the abalone shell and kit for smudging on Amazon.  This is a great one.  I found a kit at whole foods in the whole body department as well. Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.59.12 PM

Some people sage their homes regularly, after company, or even on a full moon. There are studies that show that smudging a home or a space gets rid of negative ions in the air. They actually settle and you release them out of the door. Sage is used to push out bad energy and welcome in new energy. It is a great ritual to do if you are feeling stuck, sick, negative, depressed, angry, or just feel like you need a change or some clarity back in your life.

Holding the sage in your hand, you light it and let it burn until there is smoke, once it is smokey, you blow out the flame. With all of the windows and doors open, proceed from the front door, start low working your way up, gently waving the sage smelling smoke around each room, walk through the home while guiding the energy out with the sage. If it stops smoking just relight again for more smoke. Some articles say to work counter clockwise from the front door all the way around every inch of your home until you get back to the front door again, chasing the energy out. Some others say that you start in the East, then South, West, and then North. Some start the process by waving the smokey sage around their own body first to cleanse it before they proceed into the home. You can say your own words, be silent, say a smudging prayer (found here), whatever your heart desires.  Just do what feels right to you, it is your ceremony.  I plan to experiment with all of the different traditions regularly for about 6 months and see what happens. I may report back on another blog post in the spring.

Once you are finished with the “smudging”, you can then spray some rose water, or essential oils to help create the kind of energy you are desiring to have in your home.  I personally love the citrus or peppermint oils in a diffuser. Especially in the morning when I like to get stuff done. The Lavender is great at night to relax. The wood looking diffusers like this one are my favorite

Whatever it takes to help us make it through life in a more positive state of mind, I say DO IT!

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