Bubbly Love 💕

What is better on Valentines day than a nice glass of bubbly with the person you enjoy most in your life?IMG_0614

Let’s face it, drinking whiskey on Valentines day is for the people who close their eyes from November 15th through March 1st.  You know them, they give you dirty looks when you are singing a Christmas song, come to visit you and sulk the whole time, refuse to let a spark of light into their world, and sometimes even scowl at the toddlers when no one is watching.

Not me,  I am the one who looks for these people, just to say, “hey, how are you?” Then look them in the eye until they are forced to answer.  Yep, I tend to be a bit of a Pollyanna in life and thats okay, its my rainbow after all.

Back to the bubbles, I got a little sidetracked. Where can you go for a great glass of bubbly around Sonoma Valley, with the one you love? Here is some ideas not in any particular order.

Buena Vista Bubble Lounge- 1920’s meets Liberace.  A hidden gem, located in what feels like a cave, all white, velvet, silk, furs, a piano, chandeliers, and even a kissing chair for the lucky couple who sits in it first. Owned by Jean Charles Boisset, they serve California sparkling as well as Champagne in the “bubble lounge”. Usually requires an appointment. Great bubbly, great service, great atmosphere.  It is a win win.screenshot2019-01-31at12.41.09pm

Gloria Ferrer- Probably the most common place a person would think of when they want bubbles. Located in Carneros, owned by Cava giant Frexienet in Spain, Gloria makes California style sparkling wine. Great place to sip on a classic California sparkling while enjoying spectacular views for days.screenshot2019-01-31at12.48.16pm

Sonoma’s Best- Great stop to grab a sandwich, salad, or soup from the deli side and head into to the tasting room area on your lunch break. Todd Jolly is always a wealth of information about various Champagnes and Sparkling.  Such a fun place to pick up a bottle of really good bubbles priced right. Ready to take home for that special dinner with the one you love.screenshot2019-01-31at12.53.13pm

Domaine Carneros- is worth a mention even though it is technically in Napa.  It is not too far out of the Sonoma side of Carneros, has great bubbles, owned by Tattinger, with a woman winemaker(which I love).  They serve California style sparkling and also have some great food pairings, including caviar.  The views are a bonus.screenshot2019-01-31at12.41.54pm

SIGH.- Ask any local where to meet someone for a glass of Champagne or Sparkling and you are almost certain to get directed to SIGH. Proprietor Jayme Powers has grown from a little DIY sparkling wine room to a larger, classy wine bar with an ambiance that just makes you sigh as you walk in the door. A large selection of bubbles and great service, make this a favorite for locals as well as tourist. Bonus, it is on the Plaza so you can stop in before dinner or even after.  One of the few places open late in the town we locals call “Slownoma”.img_8807-1

Passaggio Wines- Located down “Vine Alley” by Chico’s clothing store. Always on my list for bubbles, Owner/Winemaker Cindy Cosco specializes in obscure varietals mostly with low or no residual sugars. Just all love…. They released a blanc de noirs in 2017 for her 10 year anniversary, it was such a hit, she has not stopped.  Being one of the few Woman owned wineries with a woman winemaker, Passaggio wines has collected a loyal following over the past several years. Served by the taste, glass, or bottle. img_8806

Bennett Valley Cellars- Also a tasting room located on the Plaza next to Della Santina’s Italian Restaurant.  Bennet Valley Cellars owned by Luca Zanin and his wife Elizabeth. The cozy space has that old small town feel that you used to get in a tasting room before they were the place to go. Bennett Valley Cellars has a lovely brut California sparkling that is very affordable and extremely tasty.  Stop in before dinner as you proceed to break your no carb streak next door for some great pasta.screenshot2019-01-31at1.02.08pm


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