Are you a geeky wine fan? Do you like adventure? Are you a romantic?

Have you tried an orange wine?  Is it a wine made from oranges?   I mean, Californian’s can come up with some crazy stuff.  Not to be confused with a yummy Mimosa, Orange wine is actually made from grapes that are meant to make white wine, and is fermented on the skins. It can sit on the skins from just a few hours to months or even a year depending on the winemaker.  Some orange wines can be a bit tannic and sometimes require food to soften them up.j2ahw1wq

Winemaker Cindy Cosco/ Proprietor of Passaggio Wines in Sonoma, CA has taken on the ancient way of making an obscure “orange wine”.  She loves to create unique and different wines and takes on the challenge with so much grace. I had the privilege of helping bottle Passaggio Wines orange wine this month. (if you have ever helped with bottling, you are probably laughing). This fun wine was released in March and poured at the release party on St Pattys day weekend. It paired beautifully with the leek, bacon, and goat cheese pizza made by fig caterers.

Cindy masterfully created a beautiful elegant wine. True to her nature, it is delightful, sassy, and packed with flavor in such a unique way.  Made from Pinot Grigio, fermented for 11 days on the skin, with this beautiful orange color that reminds me of when I was a kid picking salmon berries in Oregon.img_9452

If you are looking for something different, I am positive you will not be disappointed with Passaggio’s Orange Pinot Grigio.

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